the taste of happiness
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1 Comments the taste of happiness - 2008-12-16 22:19:48

This is a photo of Q reading at home sometime ago. Tonight he showed me an article titled "The Taste of Happiness" he wrote, which had won him an award in a Chinese composition contest at school. I am so moved by his words and thoughts; thus, I decided to past them here. He gave very simple definition on happiness, and where/how happiness is from, and then three examples that make him happy: (1)Harry Potter- how these books have led him to the wonderland of reading and imagination, and how these books have helped share his personal emotions (2) His classmates and best friend- how they have made his school life so fun and rewarding (3) His beloved grandma - how she has taken care of him and the things she has done for him.

He made a simple conclusion in the article: happiness is always being around and it is waiting for us to explore it. Well said, Q! And here is what he wrote in Chinese: