"amazing grace"
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1 Comments "amazing grace" - 2008-12-17 22:04:55

I stayed in Edinburgh for one night this summer, and came across this gentleman playing the bagpipe. When I was much younger, I once went to a Scottish pop singer's concert, but this famous singer was one hour late for his concert, and he just kept the audience waiting and waiting in the rain- he was very unhappy with the rain in Taipei because the concert was held outdoors. Finally he sang but just sang for less than one hour, and then he quickly left. Before this singer showed up on the stage, we the audience saw/heard nothing but the bagpipe music, "Amazing Grace" for one hour long. That wasn't a graceful night, indeed.

When I heard "amazing grace" played by this gentleman in Scotland this summer, I felt the music amazing and he was so kind to let me take a photo of him.

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