my best friends
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0 Comments my best friends - 2009-01-07 22:42:58

These are not the best shots, but they are my best freinds. I took the shots of them at our birthday party during the new year holidays.

Rosa and Nancy are the most important friends in my life. They know me even better than my own family, and actually they are just like my elder sisters. Rosa, being called the luckiest woman/wife in the world, has a very happy and optimistic nature (we all envy her:). Nancy is a brave and hard-working woman who never gave up no matter how hard the life once treated her.

I am so lucky to have the two great friends who always listen to me, share my secrets, cheer me up when I am down, see me as an angel, never hesitate to praise me in public and correct me in private, and love me from the bottom of their hearts.