Dr. Mackay's clinic  (1882)
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0 Comments Dr. Mackay's clinic (1882) - 2009-01-15 20:12:01

Dr. Mackay (1844-1901), was a Canadian missionary who arrived in Taiwan in 1871. He was the first Presbyterian missionary to the northern Taiwan, my hometown. He had great contribution to Taiwan, where he established schools and a clinic and educated people here. He dedicated the majority of his life time to my country (a foreign country to him though), and made people see and feel God's greatest love.

Dr. Mackay's small clinic later became one of the biggest hospitals in Taiwan though he didn't get a chance to see how huge the hosptial is. Every time when I went by this historic clinic in my hometown, I couldn't help but imagine how many patiences he had helped in the small clinic.

Last Sunday evening, when I saw the sunlight shining on the windows of the old house, I said to Q, "Isn't it amazing? Isn't it the love of God?"

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