sheep, Nelson; NZ-14
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0 Comments sheep, Nelson; NZ-14 - 2009-01-30 06:18:24

We are currently staying at a farm/B&B in Queenstown. This morning I had lovely chatting with the B&B owner, and showed him some photos I took on my NZ trip. He was amazed at my photos and asked me if I am a professional photographer. I told him, "No, I am not. But anyone could be a good photographer in such a beautiful country." ...finally he added that I have good eyes for photograhpy to capture the beauty of his country, and he decides to buy a camera like mine.

So far, during this trip, I have met so many friendly, kind and wonderful New Zealanders, and some other people from different countries.

1/800 sec
f 6.3
Flash: Not Fired