a song for me, Christchurch; NZ-29
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0 Comments a song for me, Christchurch; NZ-29 - 2009-02-07 06:38:39

While walking down a street in Christchurch, I saw a musician drinking coffee "elegantly" on a bench. So I took a shot of this musician without his notice, and then I felt guilty because I thought it was rude to have done so (ie. without his permission). So I walked up to him, asking if I could take a picture of him. He smiled and said, "Sure! And I would love to play music for you, my lady!" So he yelled at his partners who were having coffee in the restaurant, and then they all ran out of the restaurant and together they started playing a song for me.

This trip is special not only becuase of NZ's stunning scenery, but also because of all the friendly people I met.

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