Happy Birthday, Q; NZ-53
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2 Comments Happy Birthday, Q; NZ-53 - 2009-03-02 19:17:55

Last summer, I made a big decision: Q dropped a special class in a public school and transferred to a private Christian school far from our house. Some asked me why I had Q quit that special class, I said beause I didn't want Q to have overloaded homework or to focus too much on grades. I want a happy boy with good character rather than an outstanding son searching for higher grades. (At work, I have seen some excellent students who are smart, hardworking and always get high grades and usually wins contests...but they are unhappy, lack confidence and some are even "self-centered".)

Last semester end, Q got the best award of character (education) in this private school- I was told that Q always takes initiative to help classmates and teachers, always says thank you to others, respects people and usually gives compliments to encourage his classmates. I am glad that the school values the kid's personality and character so much, and I am happy that I have a son who often expresses his appreciation to others.

Happy birthday,Quentin! Keep the heart of gold whatever you do!

(This was shot at Professor Chen's; Q was picking eggs for the first time)

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