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1 Comments eye candy; NZ - 2009-03-14 19:46:11

The other day my student D's mom phoned me. She told me someone in one of my classes sent D a few "improper" photos on the cellphone. D didn't want to tell her who sent him those photos (which were downloaded on the Internet). His mom was quite angry and worried. Thus, she wanted me to help find out who the sender was. It was a hard task because almost every student in my classes owns a cellphone. Every boy said, "No, not me." But it was also an easy job because the sender's phone number was shown on D's cellphone. Finally I knew that J was the sender because the phone number was his. But J denied, saying "No. Not me! I have exchanged my cellphone with my mom for a couple of weeks, so that cellphone number now is my mom's." J added that on his cellpone were only a few pretty show girls' photos taken at a car exhibit. Some even added that why not have some eye candy (for a rest) as they have to study so much daily. I looked at all these teenaged boys, and they seemed to look kind of innocent...well but not really, they didn't look that "simple". So who is the suspect? I wonder how "improper" those photos were. And I wonder what if someday Q were to do the same thing, would I be angry too? Perhaps I wouldn't. Perhaps I would think that my son has grown up. Or perhaps...hard to predict though.

I suggested D's mom take the chance to have more constructive dialogues with D instead of scolding him...after all 食色性也!

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