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2 Comments fun; NZ - 2009-03-18 21:13:54

Every time when I saw the happy kids in most western countries (for me, NZ is just like a western country), I would feel sad for most school kids in my own country. The kids here have too much to study, too many exams to take and too much homework to do. Years ago, a foreign visitor on Taipei street asked me, "Why are there so many students at this moment? it's 9:30 pm, isn't it?" I told her because they had just finished their school or cram schools. "Oh my!" she was shocked.

In a global OECD's research report (OECD:Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), our kids in Taiwan rank top 1 in math competence test and top 4 in science test among all the 0.4 million 15-year-old students from 57 countries. But ironically, given the outstanding performance, our kids rank the last 4 in self-confidence and learning-motivation among the 57 countries. The report shows around 60% of kids here are unhappy going to school. This is a serious issue for the government and educators to think about.

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