Ray's birthday, a very special day today!
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2 Comments Ray's birthday, a very special day today! - 2009-03-24 22:30:57

This was shot at my student Ray's home last Saturady night. Today is Ray's 18th birthday and he had a party earlier last weekend. These kids are going to college this summer, and right now some of them are applying for the college entrance for the first stage, and some are going to take the second run entrance exam which will be held in July. I am posting this photo not only because today is special for Ray, but also because today really is a bad day for him...well, actually for me as well.

These days I was helping Ray with preparing all the documentation for applying a college. And he left his own laptop at home, and used my computer to write and keep all the required informaiton which included his resume, autobiography, award certificates, and study plan etc. He always said I am "the most trustworthy and kindest" teacher in the world (shouldn't believe too much in such compliments though), so he wanted me to give him consultation and advice side by side. And after a couple of days' work after school, finally we got everything ready to send to the college. But just at the moment we typed and saved the last word, my computer was defeated by a virus and playing tricks, and all the Chinese characters and English words, and everything turned into weird symbols...and everything was gone! Nobody could help get back the file, my computer ate up Ray's file. Even the back-up file was gone. It was too weird and we just couldn't believe it as it had never happened to my computer since I bought it last summer.

But Ray's documentation has to get printed tomorrow and send out to the college by this Thursday. Ray was too sad and almost cried, and actually he started weeping. I was even more shocked to see this cheerful boy weeping. He asked me, "teacher, don't you feel like crying? Don't you think what we have done these days is all in vain now? Aren't we going to start from the very beginning?" I told him, "Stop worrying now, as it won't help much. Give me two hours. After I finish my last two classes, I will help you work it out tonight. Trust me, we will work out the problem tonight!" (Of course I was sad too, but sadness wouldn't help up.)

So...tonight, I helped him type out eveything quickly with very similar version as the original one that we had missed. Ray was surprised at my memories and said he almost forgot what he had written. I told Ray I might be not as smart as him, but the only difference is that I memorize things with my heart instead of my brain. If I cared about what you had told me, I would put it in my heart, thus I hardly forgot. After two hours, we completed everything the school requires, and Ray went home happily. Before going home, Ray told Quentin, "I've learned what EQ is from your mom, and that's the best present for my birthday today!" And we both smiled while Q got confused, asking, "what is EQ?" "Hmmm...EQ means Eat Quentin!" Ray replied, aiming to tease Q.

Good luck, Ray! (And I know the girl sitting next to him is his girlfriend even though he denies. Of course, I know and everybody knows!)

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