church in Christchurch; NZ
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1 Comments church in Christchurch; NZ - 2009-03-29 18:01:59

Q's pet guinea pig passed away last night, all of a sudden. She just delivered a baby last week, and now this baby guinea pig has only one parent. I didn't know how to comfort Q, so this morning I asked a bunch of my students for their ideas. Some suggested me get a new female guinea pig so that the baby would have a new mother, and so that the father would not get lonely. While some thought it would be the worse idea to get the baby a new mother. They argued the step-mother would probably be very mean to the baby, and the father might start neglecting his baby. Seems that these kids thought deeper and were more sophisticated than me.

This was a black, humid, rainy and cold weekend for Q. While being with my students, I was wondering how my own boy handled his personal emotion at home. Peace to this guinea pig that is now in heaven!

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