to be or not to be
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0 Comments to be or not to be - 2009-04-07 21:38:35

I discussed with my best friend Rosa about the local education system and we both agreed that I should have a better plan and arrangement for Q's high school educaton. Every day Q gets up early, excited about going to school. I asked him the reason why he loved going to school so much, he said, "There are many new things to learn at school every day, so I am happy." I love this simple answer, indeed. But ironically, he didn't enjoy studying for tomorrow's mid-term exam, and actually he seldom took out the school textbooks to study. Instead, he spent most of his time reading his favorite books, and the biography of the worldwide great people are his favorite, and he still "reviewed" Harry Potter books when he got a far I am always in favor of his decision. But I know once he enters high school, he might have trouble surviving in our education system, in which almost all students regardless smart ones or mild-intelligent ones have to study hard in order to enter "better" schools.

Studying abroad seems an option. There are a few countries on my list, but I can't decide on which place might be the most suitable for him. But in view of Q's latest career goal, perhaps I shouldn't worry that much- he said he wanted to be a CHEF when he grows up!