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再別康橋 Goodbye Again Cambridge - a Chinese poem written by 徐志摩(Xu Zhimo; a modern Chinese poet who pursued love and beauty all his life; 1897-1931)

輕輕的我走了, Quietly, I left

正如我輕輕的來; As quietly as I came ;

我輕輕的招手, I wave good-bye gently

作別西天的雲彩。 To the rosy clouds in the western sky.

那河畔的金柳, The golden willows by the river

是夕陽中的新娘; Are the young brides in the setting sun;

波光裏的豔影, The reflections on the shimmering waves

在我的心頭蕩漾。 always lingering in my heart.

軟泥上的青荇, The water plants growing in the sludge

油油的在水底招搖; Swaying leisurely in the water;

在康河的柔波里, In the gentle waves of River Cambridge

我甘心做一條水草! I'd love to be a water grass!

那榆蔭下的一潭, That pool under the shade of elm trees

不是清泉, It's not a water spring

是天上虹揉碎在浮藻間,but crushed rainbow spread among duck weeds

沉澱著彩虹似的夢。 It's the sediment of a rainbow-like dream

尋夢 撐一支長篙, questing my dreams, holding a long pole

向青草更青處漫溯, wandering into the deep of the green

滿載一船星輝, Fill the barge with star hue

在星輝斑斕裏放歌。 Sing aloud in the splendor of starlight.

但我不能放歌, But I cannot sing aloud

悄悄是別離的笙簫; Quietness is the melody of farewell;

夏蟲也為我沈默, Even summer bugs all quiet down for me

沈默是今晚的康橋。 Silence is Cambridge tonight!

輕輕的我走了, Quietly, I left

正如我輕輕的來; As quietly as I came;

我揮一揮衣袖, Gently I flutter my sleeves

不帶走一片雲彩。 Bring nothing nor a wisp of cloud with me

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