calla lily; time after time
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0 Comments calla lily; time after time - 2009-05-03 21:15:45

This was shot this afternoon, and I hadn't taken out my camera for quite a long time. Yesterday was Q's school fair and sports day, and again I missed it- actually in the past five years, I only attended his schools' activities for just once. As an understanding boy, Q never complained and instead he said he knew my work schedule. Year after year, students came and graduated, and I was with them at their "turning point"; year after year, the flowers bloom in spring and then wither in the same season too. I watched Q taking photos of the calla lilies in the valley, and couldn't help but feel sentimental- I "owed" Q too many weekends, which were taken away by my job. Perhaps the best solution is to seize and cherish the moments we could have. Carpe diem! Carpe diem!

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