the road to Cambridge; UK
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0 Comments the road to Cambridge; UK - 2009-05-07 21:20:11

Yesterday I got a phone call from my former student Leon's mom. She told me Leon had decided to be a medical doctor after a hard decision between business college or medical college. Leon would leave home and report to a medical college this July. I was really quite happy and not surprised at all. I remember when I first met Leon in my class, I noticed this boy was super intelligent, multi-talented, hard-working and kind-hearted. He used to tell me he would be a doctor someday to help lots of people as well as to take good care of me when I became old. Now he is fulfilling his dream, but I really don't want to get old though:)

The best thing for me at work is to see these kids grow up confidently and find out their own life direction. Not all kids would go to a top school like Leon, but I believe all roads lead to Rome (if not to Cambridge). I am looking forward to more good news from the students in the coming two months!

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