a very touching day
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0 Comments a very touching day - 2009-05-16 22:07:44

I got this huge card from the 9th graders today after we finished our last class- they have "graduated" from my class, and no more weekend classes with me. In one hand, I should have felt happy because I would have some weekends off till next school year begins, and I might have some free time for myself. But, honestly it's really sad to say goodbye to these lovely kids- actually they are no more kids.

Each one of them wrote me the touching words in the cards, and some even cried when stepping out of our classroom. As for me, I tried to control my emotions and feelings and almost succeeded...Sometimes I found a teacher's love to students is so much like the love to his/her own children. You always expect to see them get stronger and surpass yourself, and you love to say proudly, "This is my student-or once was my student!"

Best luck to all of them for the entrance exam on May 23 and 24!

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