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0 Comments jumping Q - 2009-06-04 21:17:57

a side note:

Today the 9th graders got their official grades report on the entrance exam taken on May 23 and 24. To my surprise and disappointment, not all students did well on the exam- though Tony ranked 99% (on the top 1 list) of all students nationwide; top 1 in our own school too. But the overall outcome was not as good as I had expected.

It's irnoic that I've never wanted Q to get top 1, but I've always wanted my students to reach the target so as to meet their parents' expectation. Or... perhaps it's I myself that have tried to meet these parents' expectation since the day they sent their kids to my class. Or...perhaps it's because I really like to see the kids jump high and fly high after graduating from my class. But again, how cruel it is to evaluate and grade these kids by just an exam. Today was a tough day for some students, and for me as well.

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