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0 Comments Ray & Quentin - 2009-06-07 21:46:22

a shot this evening

This evening I met up with my "former" student Ray and had dinner with him for certain reason. Last Friday Ray invited Q and me to have dinner with him this Sunday evening. He said he would take us to a special restaurant. At first, I rejected him, but finally I agreed on his invitation with one condition- he would have to be my guest. Anyway, his parents picked us up and drove us to this restaurant. Ray's parents insisted that I had to let Ray treat us this dinner because Ray just got his first salary in his life time today! Ray has started working part-time at a cinema since May- after he got the acceptance by a college entrance in May, and he might keep working part-time there till the college begins this fall.

Ray is going to a business college- I once posted a brief story about how Ray and I worked on my computer for the documents of applying for the university entrance, and how we lost eveything on the computer, and then how we got everything done at the last moment...so Ray has accepted by this college; he and his parents were quite happy with the result. And of course, I was happy for him too.

I've been meeting up with some other former students and having meals with them these days, but it was the first time I let my student buy me dinner. I knew Ray was feeling happy and "proud" with his first salary. Ray and his parents insisted that I had given him more than I was taking today...but I still felt guilty to get "benefits" from students like this. I'll have to return something back to him soon.

Nevertheless...I enjoyed a wonderful time chatting with him and giving him some advice on his future college study. Thank you, Ray and your parents!

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