thicker than the water, thinner than the wind
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0 Comments thicker than the water, thinner than the wind - 2009-06-26 20:03:27

I don't know why I felt sooo sad at the news of Michael Jackon's pass-away. I was not a fan of his music when I was little and younger, though I was quite familiar with his songs. I didn't enjoy his music videos that much when I was a teenager, though I did think he was a gifted dancer and singer. I didn't like to comment on the change of his appearance (from earlier child star to later "king of pop"), though I once doubted if it was necessary for him to make so much change. I didn't go to his concert when he held concerts twice in Taipei in 1993 and 1996, but now I felt sorry that I had missed them. I didn't spend much time reading those entertaining news, especially when it came to people's personal life...but I did think he must have been "lonely" being a super star.

...but as a person growing up in 80s, I couldn't forget how many times a day Jackson's music playing on the radio station (ICRT; Internatinal Community Radio Station Taipei). And those were the days when I had so many dreams, so many plans, so many friends, so much to laugh and sing aloud, so much to learn and study...and so little to worry.

It was the time when life was full of music, no matter what kind of music we played- be it 70s or 80s or 90s, though friends used to say 70s wasn't mine- I was too little for it. It was the time when we learned to dance, though we never danced Jackon's way, yet his music was there. It was the time when I started getting boys' letters, and they thought I might be touched by Jackson's music but they never knew I was more into 70s...I have forgot what they wrote in the letters, but I sometimes miss Michael Jackson's "I'll Be There" and "The Girl Is Mine."

I feel sad mainly because I hate to see anyone's collapse, and partly because I am sad to see an official ending of 80s, the era that I once belonged to. Rest in peace, King of Pop!

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