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1 Comments Warriors - 2009-07-20 19:59:57

Since the summer vacation began, Quentin has been crazy about Warriors, a seires of fantasy novels about a pet cat's adventures in the forest and how the wild cats trying to survive in their forest homes. I was surprised at the speed Q finished reading each book, and he read them over and over again. He told me Warriors were as exciting and marvelous as Harry Potter series (like Harry Potter, Warriors are from UK too).

I originally expected Q to study some Chinese classical literature works this summer (otherwise he might have trouble passing the advanced exam for entering junior high in his school next summer)...as for science and math books, he really doesn't enjoy them that much.

When I watched Q immerse himself in reading "Warriors", I recalled the first time when I read Jack London's "The Call of the Wild" in my childhood. I know how he feels, and I've decided to let him be his own master, do what he enjoys, and be what he wants to be in the future.

Q told me if he were a pet cat, he would run away from home and go on an adventure like what the cats do in the novels. But since he is a school boy, he won't leave home because he has a life warrior (his mom, he meant) at home. I am pleased to learn that I have been so much admired by Q and been described as a "warrior" by him.

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