Q on revenge
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0 Comments Q on revenge - 2009-08-08 18:25:52

This summer, the main topic Q and I have been talking about is "revenge" for some reason. In the recent years, Korean soap operas have been very popular on the local TV channels. I seldom watched TV shows but some business news, so I curiously asked friends and people around me why they were so crazy about those operas. I got the answers that those operas were really "good-watching". So, since I have some free time in the evening this summer, I decided to check out how good they are. And I chose one new opera to watch, and then gosh...I found it really "good-watching" and full of dramatic tension. This opera is about revenge, and I can't believe I have been addicted to the opera (from 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm) for 3 weeks, and so has Q.

For me, "revenge" is a very scary thing. And if I have to choose between "forgiving" and "revenge", I will definitely choose "forgiving"-and if not "forgiving", then I will surely choose "forgetting". As I was a bit worried if Q would be influenced by this opera (revenge is a bad thing, I mean), so I asked him if he were to be hurt and betrayed by someone, what he would do. Would he take revenge on something/someone like the person in the opera?

Q replied, "I don't think it's easy to forgive someone if my feelings got hurt as badly as the woman in that Korean opera. But it would be stupid and immoral to destroy a person's life for revenge. I think the best way to "revenge" is to live better and more happily, to outperform my original self, and even to surpass the person who hurt me, instead of hurting anyone."

I got stunned at Q's answers. But we won't have time for TV shows soon because summer vacation is half over.

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