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0 Comments aboriginal music - 2009-08-19 20:19:00

I took this shot on the street in Bath, England last summer. I was curious where the aboriginal people were from. Are there aboriginal people in the UK too? I once watched a few aboriginal people playing music on the street too in Victoria, Canada, and I bought two CDs of their music. And I remembered meeting some other aboriginal people on my trip to Grand Canyon, the USA, 16 years ago. Though in different places, they all looked alike, and even the music they played was similar. And they are really gifted in music in arts.

There are 9 tribes of aboriginal people in Taiwan, and most of them live in the remote eastern and soutehrn mountains. And the aboriginal Taiwanese also have something in common (their looks, their music, their outfits) with the aboriginal people I met in foreign countries.

In the recent flood disaster in southern/eastern Taiwan, the majority of the victims are aboriginal people. They are the most loyal supporters of the KMT (ie. the ruling party of our current government). And politically speaking, they are well remembered and emphasized by those politicians ONLY during the election season...

Oh I forget I've decided to quit topcis about politics. No music or arts is good when getting involved in politics!

I didn't keep any photos I took in Grand Canyon long ago, but whenever I listen to Nicholas Gunn's music, I feel as if I were back there again.

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