Anti-traditional values
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2 Comments Anti-traditional values - 2007-12-08 21:39:01

Ang Lee (李安), the well-known director returned to Taiwan yesterday for Taipei Golden Horse Award Ceremony (and Film Festival) held tonight. Lee is one of the Taiwanese (or Chinese) people I've respected most- not only because that he is devoted to his movie career, but because that he knew what he wanted at very young age.

Lee failed in the college entrance exam twice, being rejected by all colleges. And finally he went to the Natioanl Art College (which was still not considered as a "prestige" college in most people's traditional values then). But he insisted on walking his own way. Finally he succeeded (from Hollywood back to Taiwan).

Today my student Jimmy, a boy with a bit learning disability, told me he really didn't like studying those books. He said he wanted to be a hairdresser- a top hairdresser someday, but he still wanted to join my Saturday class because he enjoyed the process of "learning".

This afternoon my ex-student Ted visited me in my office, bringing me two pieces of cake. He told me he didn't like studying those textbooks, either. But he has already worked as a trainee in his dad's factory for 2 years, and he enjoyed learning the model-making techniques.

I feel so confident about the two young men's future, while watching Ang Lee at the Golden Horse Award Ceremony on TV, and his latest film "Lust, Caution".

There is always a sky for people who are anti-traditional values.