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0 Comments memories - 2009-08-23 20:04:50

Today I got 3 visitors- my best classmates in college. We almost lost contact due to busy life schedule. After 7 years of delay, finally they made it to my home.

Celina, a happy housewife, married to a captain and enjoys a happy family life.

Sheryl, a happy single noble, teaches in a college.

Josephine, a happy single noble too, manages a trading company in Taiwan and China.

All of us are quite happy with our current life though life sometimes is not perfect. Lots of memories and old stories in college were repeated in my house, and I was so excited that I forgot to take out my camera to take shots of them. Even though we had some other classmates in our later schools and had more different friends at work, yet the memories we once had in the four years of college life were still the most unforgettable.

(oh, today I got the best compliment that I've got in 2009. They all said I've not changed a bit- I look as young as I was 7 years ago. I guess they must have lied to me, but I LOVE the lie:-)

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