Sherry in Korean dress
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0 Comments Sherry in Korean dress - 2009-08-31 21:31:05

I am glad I have made my niece Sherry's dream come true. I used to travel alone with Quentin; my niece Sherry often complained to her dad, my brother, that she had never been to any countries and that Q was too lucky. Finally her parents decided to let her join us this time, and then Sherry invited her friend to join us, and then her mom and their friends too.

This was Sherry's first time visiting a foreign country, and she happens to be a big fan of some Korean pop singers and TV stars. She had lots of fun discovering Korea, but Q was even happier because this was the first time he got real "COMPANY" on a trip- he argued that being with me alone on a trip made him feel "lonely". Thanks to Sherry, Q thought this was the most interesting trip he has had. He added it was nothing to do with where we went or what we did but who he was with.

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