globalization vs protectionism
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0 Comments globalization vs protectionism - 2009-09-14 22:12:40

As I have said before, Korean people are the most "patrotic" people in my opinion. They strongly protect and promote their domestic brands and products. I observed the cars passing by on the street in Seoul, and found most cars were Hyundai and Kia, and most of the cellphones people used were Samsung and LG. And women tend to use their own korean-made cosmetics and skin care products...back to 19 years ago the first time I visited this country, I was impressed by the news report that many many Korean people would sell their own property and donate the money to save their country...

I had a very "boring" morning sitting alone at Starbucks while Q and my niece were having fun at an amusement water park in Seoul. The rain was pouring heavily then, and without an umbrella I couldn't go anywhere. without my netbook, I couldn't get online reading news. Without a book, I couldn't read anything. Suddenly I found some fashion magazines in the shop's corner, and I was excited but found everything was in Korean...I wasn't able to read any.

As my current life is so busy, now I miss that morning I did nothing but watched Seoul in the rain. I did nothing but kept thinking and thinking how to inspire my students to be "patrotic" too.

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