No one is indispensable?
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0 Comments No one is indispensable? - 2009-09-28 23:42:21

Today is Confucius' birthday, also known as Teacher's Day here. When I was a student, Teacher's Day was a very important day, but nowadays it isn't. Interestingly, every year today I thought of my ex-boss at the CPA/consulting firm who used to say, "no one is indispensable", instead of thinking about the teachers who once taught me.

My ex-boss, a professional CPA, used to tell us "no one is indispensable" when setting annual revenue target for us each fiscal year. Honestly, I totally agreed with this "motto" at that time until the day I shifted my career to the education field. I didn't know why but I just started to believe that being a teacher "I am indispensable"- I just believe that if I don't do it (for and with my students) today then no one would do it or (do better) tomorrow. I know I am bold and shameless to give myself such credits, but as a stubborn person I really do believe every teacher is "indispensable" so that no kids would be neglected in every step of their learning process and their life journey. Kids get on the train and get off it from time to time, and I am glad I am here with them in the right tracks, and I don't want their luggages to be empty when leaving my station.

I have never met my ex-boss for a decade. It's interesting that I had never verbally challenged this motto with anyone at work back then, but I have been trying to prove it wrong in some way. And I know I will keep doing so until I become "dispensable"!

Special thanks to my students Carla, Wendy, Vicky, Faye, Kelly, Sarah, Emily, John's mom...and more for all the surprises today.

(this was shot at a train station in York)

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