baseball dream, shattered dream
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0 Comments baseball dream, shattered dream - 2009-10-30 23:01:24

These days lots of people got heartbroken by the game-fixing scandal of the Professional Baseball League (PBL). The players rigged games in a number of ways, including grooving easy pitches to hit, walking batters, purposely committing errors or deliberately striking out. I am not a fan of PBL, but some of my students are, and some even see the players as their idols. Q loves baseball too, and he kept asking me, "why had they been cheating us?"

It's all about their "greed" for money (offered by the underground gambling group). Sigh! One of the challenges in our life must be about how to reject "temptation". I looked at the profiles of those baseball players who should have very promising career in the future but will soon be in jail, thinking 一失足成千古恨!

(the shot wasn't taken by me, but by a friend on 2009 New Year's Day)

Canon EOS 20D
1/125 sec
f 8
Flash: Not Fired