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0 Comments hundred faces - 2009-11-06 22:41:21

I took the shot of myself in a hotel in Spain nearly 2 years ago. It was boring staying in the hotel room the whole night, and Q found playing with the mirror was fun so I tried this shot. Every day I face different faces of people, and sometimes I wonder if people see a real "face" of me. Last week, I got a phone call from a stranger who claimed to be a teacher of another senior high school. She said she was interested to "know" me and even "see" me after hearing similar positive comments on me from some students that graudated from my school over the years. To assure my trust, she even told me the names of my students and what they had told her about me. At first I doubted if it was an "imposture" call but later I knew she didn't lie after getting my former student's phone call a few minutes later. Anyway, I rejected her invitation for a meet-up as I was too busy, but I really did share a few ideas about dealing with some students' problems.

Yet, back to the "comments" she related over the phone, I must clarify it was not completely true. Sometimes when facing myself, I don't thnk I am a person with sweet temper or patience, especially when it comes to politics or justice or public policies. And these days, I got irritated again by the government's new policy (beef-import agreement with the USA), but how could I criticized it to my students except to Q! But honestly speaking, it's always easier to criticize, I wonder if I could do better given the chance to be the President too.

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