the meanings of life
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1 Comments the meanings of life - 2009-12-04 22:51:20

Yesterday my student Y returned to school and continued to "study" after having quit shcool for 3 months. Y is a very intelligent girl who used to be one of the top 5 students (in terms of grades ranking) in school, but I knew she wasn't happy with what she was doing at all. For quite a long time, she questioned the meanings of her life- she didn't know why people had to spend so much time studying and studying at school. Finally, she rejected to go to school no matter what her parents and the teachers said.

Y had a hard time after not going to school because she was "forced" to see the doctor and even to take the medication...that's a heart-broken story. Yesterday I didn't mention anything about her absence or anything about the entrance exam next year, but just opened my arms to welcome her. And I promised that I would help her every Sunday morning to catch up with what she has been falling behind.

Y is much more mature in her thinking compared with her peers. I have so much to discuss with her when she asked me what the meanings of life was. Well, these days I was thinking about the same thing too. But yesterday when I saw Y entering the classroom, suddenly I realized that perhpas there's no much need to figure out the meanings of life, but just to breathe happily and do what we should do now and enjoy it- perhaps that's the meanings of life!

Welcome back, Y!

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