dream of rejuvenation
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0 Comments dream of rejuvenation - 2009-12-10 23:26:49

When I came across this pretty young girl, some words that I once read in a novel describing women at different ages came up to my mind:

"From thirteen to eighteen, she is like Africa- virgin territory. From eighteen to thirty, she is like Asia - hot and exotic. From thirty to forty-five, she is like America -fully explored but generous with her resources. From forty-five to fifty-five, she is like Europe -a bit exhausted, a bit knackered, but still with many places of interest. From fifty-five onward, she is like Australia - everybody knows it's down there somewhere, but very few will make the effort to find it."

These words are cruel, but honestly who wouldn't wish to go back to "Africa" or stay in "Asia" for good?!

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