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0 Comments Mayflower - 2009-12-23 22:01:07

I saw this Chinese retaurant in Stratford, England, and I guess it's a Hong Kong restaurant because of the two words "酒家". It's interesting how the same Chinese characters and language have different meanings in Hong Kong, China and Taiwan (though in China they use simplified Chinese while HK and Taiwan use traditional Chinese).

It's common to see "酒家", which means restaurants, everywhere in Hong Kong, but in Taiwan "酒家" is a taboo place for a "decent" woman like me. When I was very young, the most famous "酒家" in Taipei was also named Mayflower, and it is said the "women" who worked there were the prettiest ones. I remembered the first time when I visited Hong Hong 20 years ago, I was shocked when seeing so many "酒家" or "酒樓", and soon I got to know they were all restaurants. Nowadays, there are no more "酒家" in Taipei, though I know that kind of business must have still existed in some corners of the city.

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