the spirit of Christmas
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0 Comments the spirit of Christmas - 2009-12-25 22:50:22

The shot of Q was taken by Emily this fall, and I had to post it on Christmas day because I was moved by Q last night. Last night Q told me his school homeroom teacher had each student make ONE Christmas card and then send it to one classmate. Q got four Chritmas cards, which ranked top 2 in his class (and a girl in his class got the most, five cards.) But he didn't look happy at all, and instead he looked quite upset while telling me the story. And then he said, "Mom, may I sleep late tonight? I want to make some cards for those who didn't get any cards from others. I am giving them the cards I'll make tonight. I believe they must have been feeling bad after getting nothing."

I don't want to judge if it's a good idea for Q's class to do so (ie. only one card to a favorite classmate, and the outcome is some would just get no cards). I know it would be risky to hurt a peroson's feelings, so I don't think I would have my students do so. Last weekend, Q and I (and Emily) went to Costco together to buy some presents for my students. Actually, each one of my stuendts has got a tiny gift from me. Even though a small bunch of my students complained my presents aren't "good" enough, most of them were really happy.

Last weekend Q asked me "Why bought gifts for students again? Every year, some of them still complained about your gifts." Well...I really didn't know how to reply. But last night I guessed Q must have understood the importance of sharing and caring, especially at Christmas time. I am so proud of Q!