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About this site:

This site was set up on October 10, 2007, our National Day.

I used to believe words would lead one into the most imaginative world, namely, words articulate pictures and sound. With this said, I am quite into reading and music. In September 2006, I started viewing a photographer's photoblog, at which the images there inspired me that a picture is worth thousand words. The appealing or thoughtful photos sent emotions through the eyes to my soul.

Soon I became interested in photography- not only taking photos, but visiting photoblog sites has become my daily delight. In March 2007, I joined a photoblog community where I uploaded my photos on a frequent basis. But given the fact that it is a quite public site, I feel guarded to put down my feelings and thoughts there with my photos.

Thus, I decided to set up a photoblog site of my own here. I started this site as a way to track my progression, to keep it as live journal, and release myself (to certain degree).

About me:

It's me

I am a teacher that enjoys seeing the growth of young people. My academic background, job trainings and life exposure were in business management, human resource consultation, and (now) education. I lacked any training in arts or photography, but someday I will take some photography courses when time allows.

So far, I still haven't known anything about photography techniques or skills. All of the posted photos were in jpg, and without (or rarely with) any post-processing. I am open-minded to hear anything and everything you might say, feel free to comment - your constructive comments would surely help me improve.

About Copyright:

All rights reserved. If you are interested in any images displayed here, please contact me at the e-mail address: michelle.orchid@gmail.com


Some photoblog sites I visit:
mykodachrome : an inspiring site visited daily
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