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Japan-18best cheesecake ever; Japan17Hakodate; Japan-16Hakodate; Japan-15trains; Japan-14Hakodate; Japan-13Hakodate; Japan-12Hakodate market; Japan-11looking out of the hotel room; Japan-10poetic winter park; Japan-9JR; Japan -8taking JR; Japan-7wandering in the winter; Japan-6on the tram; Japan-6 two-day pass on the tram; Japan-5Q in the snow; Japan-4life in the snow; Japan-3 snowy; Japan-2stepping the snow; Japan-1Run-run going to the pet hotelholiday coming; NepalThailandBangkok; Thailandchatting; Nepallife; Nepalwhose income; NepalAuckland; NZold memory; Turkeyblue; TurkeyParisNepal sunsetfoggy and smoky NepalParis streetface; Nepalnew year's day, 2013end of 2012memory from Nepal tripmessage from Nepal-2; Q's instruction message from Nepal-1my conflicting feelings about HTCcycling todaymy new toyquiet is the powerBuddah; Thailandtime that's love; Kinmen-75beach; Kinmen-74another fight; Kinmen- 73seeing china again; Kinmen-72bamboo woods; Kinmen-71building; Kinmen-70house; Kinmen-69village; Kinmen-68visiting another B&B; Kinmen-67the roofs; Kinmen-66the roofs; Kinmen -65village people: Kinmen-64seeing china; Kinmen- 65broadcast station; Kinmen-64the ghost house; Kinmen-63the fierce fight; Kinmen- 62Chiang's car; Kinmen- 61fight back; Kinmen-60the battle ground; Kinmen-59forts; Kinmen-58forts along the coast; Kinmen-57real bullet; Kinmen-56the straight road; Kinmen-55slow; Kinmen-54battle; Kinmen-53cyclists; Kinmen-52the road; Kinmen-51sorghum field; Kinmen-50the beach; Kinmen-49the beach; Kinmen-48underground tunnel; Kinmen- 47houses; Kinmen-46getting water; Kinmen-45western style houses; Kinmen-44houses; Kinmen-43houses; Kinmen-42hiking to the mountain; Kinmen-41the piece of sky; Kinmen-40reading time: Kinmen-39the cats; Kinmen-38the B&B cat; Kinmen-37the stool; Kinmen-36breakfast; Kinmen-35family temple; Kinmen-34slogans again; Kinmen-33the house; Kinmen-32the house yard; Kinmen-31houses; Kinmen-31Chiang's slogans; Kinmen-30the architecture; Kinmen-29the doors; Kinmen-28memories; Kinmen-28houses; Kinmen-27fake solider; Kinmen-26the tunnel; Kinmen-25to the army; Kinmen- 24escape; Kinmen-23Ironic!  Kinmen-22time journey; Kinmen-21history remains; Kinmen-20the bathroom for soliders; Kinmen-19the ruins; Kinmen-18the ruins; Kinmen-17the ruins of an elementary school; Kinmen-16the ruins; Kinmen-15the ruins; Kinmen-14for war; Kinmen-13for war; Kinmen-12for war; kinmen-11Chiang Kai Shek vs Mao Zedong; Kinmen-10visiting battle museum; Kinmen-9distance from Taipei to Kinmen; Kimen-8houses; Kinmen-7houses; Kinmen-6on the road; Kinmen-5the lantern inside the B&B; Kinmen- 4the bedroom; Kinmen-3inside the B&B; Kinmen-2arriving at B&B; Kinmen-1up high in Taipei skyTaipei airport libraryinside the B&B; KinmenKinmen freedom; Kinmenclose to China; Kinmenrelaxing; ThailandThai temple roofsThai templesLegoman-9Legoman-2Chiang Mai, ThailandChiang Mai, ThailandhomeThai kids; Chiang Mai, Thailandlying Buddah; Ayutthaya, Thailandmonk chat-2; Chiang Mai, Thailandmonk chat-1; Chiang Mai, Thailandmonks; Chiang Mai, ThailandQ and his best friend; ThailandBangkok night market; ThailandBuddah in the tree; Ayutthaya, ThailandKaren woman; ThailandTain Running Through Market-9; Thailand Tain Running Through Market-8; Thailand Tain Running Through Market-7; Thailand Tain Running Through Market-6; Thailand Tain Running Through Market-5; Thailand Tain Running Through Market-4; Thailand Tain Running Through Market-3; Thailand Train Running Through Market-2; Thailand Tain Running Through Market-1; Thailand learning to cook Thai food; Thailand Bangkok; Thailandback to MyspaceWorld War 3?   a view from the hotel room-3a view from the hotel room-2a view from the hotel room-1Chiang Mai, ThailandThailand Buddahnew classroom corner-6new classroom corner-5new classroom corner-1for classroom poster; NZ...cold morning: Nepallake; Nepalbest luckgoing homecruel grieving another loss from my childhood memories Himalayas;NepalKathmandu, Nepalthe countryside; Nepalschool kids; Nepalthe best gift; Nepalad; Nepalstill; Nepalbiking; Nepalthe governmentreading; Nepalprincess rules; Nepalcanoeing; Chitwan, NepalTibetan woman; Nepalon the road; Nepalrice field; Nepallife load; Kathmandu, NepalKathmandu, Nepallake; Nepalreading; Kathmandu, NepalPokhara, Nepalfriends; NepalKathmandu; NepalKathmandu, Nepalcity ride; Kathmandu, Nepala photo for V day; NepalNepali monkeys; Nepalflying over Himalayas; Nepaldancing fire; Nepalbeing one of the heroes; Nepalme facing the Himalayas; Nepal on the road; Kathmandu, Nepalpraying; Kathmandu, Nepalflying over Kathmandu; NepalBufalloes going home; Chitwan, Nepal NepalChitwan; NepalNepalhappy lunar new yearrushlight in the dark or dark in the light?bridge; hometownjourney; Southern France morning bakery;  Safranbolu, Turkeydialogue Istanbul; Turkeyhometownthe river; Turkeyfarewell 2011river bank; hometowna peek of peace; hometown test of my IR camera the sunny cornerQ's Christmas Day silent nightMonaco summer southern Francemissing my best friendinterludefallenwishes cat-10cat-9cat-8cat-7cat-6cat-5cat-4cat-3cat-2cat-1Carcassonne, Franceentertaining myself French lane  Paris; Franceme and my Ukulele-2me and my Ukulele-1 brothers fighting; Carcassonne, France  Paris; France oops! ; Carcassonne, Francememory in Nice; France silence; Japan Louvre Museum, Paris; France Osaka evening; JapanParis, FranceParis; France waiting; Carcassonne, Francemusic aging or maturity me at the cottageQ and his best friendchairdog's answer; Franceclock of the heartSunday beacha light Sunday afternoon  losttime; Paris, FranceParis; France Paris; FranceAvenue des Champs-Élysées, Paris; FranceG's wedding-6; the groom dancingG's wedding-5G's wedding-4G's wedding-3G's wedding-2G's wedding-1bare treesPaul Cezanne; Aix-en Provence, FranceBuddha in Provence; Francehappy birthday to my photobloghave a rest; Francehave a seat; Antibes, Franceone night in ancient Monastery; France August 25; FranceAntibes, France splendid house; France French summerEiffel Tower; Paris, France Eiffel Tower; Paris, France Paris countryside; Francemy shadow and me in Avignon; France morning sunshineRoussillon-16; Provence, FranceRoussillon-15; Provence, France Roussillon-13; Provence, FranceRoussillon-12; Provence, FranceRoussillon-11; Provence, FranceRoussillon-10; Provence, FranceRoussillon-9; Provence, FranceRoussillon-8 Provence, France Roussillon-7; Provence, FranceRoussillon-6; Provence, FranceRoussillon-5; Provence, FranceRoussillon-4; Provence, FranceRoussillon-3; Provence, FranceRoussillon-2; Provence, France Roussillon-1; Provence, FranceMediterranean Sea; Monacosummer is gone; Nice, France Carcassonne, Francepost office; St. Paul, France washroom; Paris, Francesmiling boy; Carcassonne, FranceCarcassonne, FranceMediterranean sea; Nice, Francecuriosity; Carcassonne, Francelonely coziness or cozy loneliness?: Carcassonne, France game; Carcassonne, France mutability; Arles, Franceuncertainty; Arles, Francelunchtime; Provence, FranceNice; Francehope; Roussillon, France Giant in Francerest; MonacoVincent Van Gogh; France Vincent; France Grace Kelly; MonacoAvignon; France Carcassonne; France Gordes; France Avignon; France Carcassonne; France MonacoAvignon; France Nice; France Ausus; MilanF1; MonacoMonacoNice; France life journey; Arles, France Monacosummer love"Guardian of the Sea"chasing beautygirl at the beach on vacationMom and Sonthe beachloversnaughty students coming backjumping Q that summer master; Japanforever young; JapanRay visiting the schoolRaystreet artist; Japan hot hot so hotElvis Presley1/2 summer gone sushi restaurant; Osaka, Japanthe police; Osaka aboriginal house?  Cycling-2; Q Cycling-1; QJapanese temple; Japanoccupation; JapanRayprofession; Japangrowing upon the train; JapanShrek and Fiona; JapanHighway 17Ivy; Japantop of the hotel; JapanKobe Harbour; Japan"boat behind"; Japaninto the bamboo forest; Japanpriceless art; Japanwhite-water rafting; JapanSpiderman; Japan Golden Pavilion Temple; Kyoto, Japan Kyoto Station-4; JapanKyoto Station-3; JapanKyoto Station-2; JapanKyoto Station-1; Japanmy new bike homebamboo forest; Kyoto, Japan 緣, predestined relationship; JapanRunaway Train; Japanstanding on Pearl Bridge; JapanPearl Bridge in the rain; Japanthe most unforgettable trip ever; Japanoff to Japan out of the darknessInstanbul morningtwo is better than one walking into the light: SpainSpainish lanegrowing uploveChester; Englandmissing Canadawhen the music stopsCanada Post; Canada "somewhere only we know"where the road leads; Turkey雷門; Japan Moscow; Russia"Lost in Translation"solitudelast summerBest best luck Japan country happinessplaying loveseeing the lighttime of my lifegraduationHappy Mother's Daydancing in the street1970todaymy favorite drinkheart of goldcage"If I could make a wish come true..."Rosathe roof fly away"rest, rest, rest"courageone orchid; Japanthe good dayshome, sweet homelife journeylove and lifeDear Mr. Godbiking; Taipeibeautiful Sunday afternoon; TaipeiChristchurch; NZwinter fun; Japanboiling eggs in hot spring; Japan hiking; JapanChristchurch; NZwhy Pachinko? ; Japan"127 Hours""castle in the sky", Hayao Miyazaki Museum; Japan demonstration-4; Tokyo, Japandemonstration-3; Tokyo, Japandemonstration-2; Tokyo, Japan silent retreat; JapanAsakusa, Tokyo; Japanan unforgettable Japanese cuisine; Japanpray; Japanclose to Mt. Juji; Japanrickshaws; Japanschool kids; Japan奉納; Japanchallenge; Japanholiday panic; Japandumplings, our favorite hot pot restaurant; TaipeiTokyodemonstration-1; Tokyo Japansakura sakura; JapanHappy the Year of the Rabbit; Japanchinese new year's eve; Taipeiwinter skiing; Japan"free for a moment"QHow much is the electric car?Pamukkale; TurkeyJapanese B&Bcool fan; Japantheater, TurkeyTurkish morningseize the daylight; TurkeyIstanbul; Turkeywinter in CzechPenghu islands; TaiwanMijas; SpainSafranbolu; Turkeythe door with a storyCanadian leavesend of 2010Turkish pizzaMichelangelo's Dragon for good fortune; 福 祿 壽dinnerthe baker and his bakery; Turkey evil eye; Turkey the winter solsticeIstanbulit's Christmas timeTurkish catMoscow subway; Russiaconcertwonderful tonightQueenstown; NZ3 celestials; Taipeilone tree; NZstreet drummer; Taipeistreet image; Taipei eveningSunday afternoonth village people; Japanmissing NZpray; Longshan Temple, Taipeithe bamboo pavilion; Taipei Int'l Flora Exposky out of the bamboo pavilion; Taipei Int'l Flora Expopray; Longshan Temple, TaipeiYork; Englandgreena glance at happiness; hometown Canada Exhibition; hometownvisiting Fort San Domingo; hometownQ & Turkish kidsfriends; Turkeysummer breeze; Penghulove game; Turkeylone starIstanbul in the evening; Turkeygame kidsold lane, old memories; hometownthe door; TaipeiwhyMarie's catautumn leavesfancy carmemories in summerwomen; St. PetersburgTurkish bluehot spring bathpurestrawpeopleBasilica Underground Cistern; Istanbul, TurkeyiPod for lunchtarget achieved peace; NZ Turkish boyskodak film; Turkeymemories in Turkeyup to the skyout of focussentimental autumnTurkish breakfast up to the mountain; Japan Istanbul morningboyhoodSt. Petersbur; Russiamemories in Vancouverinto the 4th years  outside the mosque; Turkeyrevolution-2; Russiarevolution or expansion; Russiathe look of loveSt. Petersburg; Russiaprecious timeportrait of Turkey"lovers in japan"sainted water?having a rest; Japansurprise; Teacher's Daytree in the river; Japanrice field; Japanhouse; Japanrepairing the roof; Japan忠孝; JapanMoon FestivalNagoya street; Japanlife on the river; Turkeywine store; Japanview out of the room; Japangoing home by boat; Turkeyalonetree statute; Japan ancient kitchen; Japanmonk; Japanautumnpost office; Japanwine; Japanwashing; Japanstreet scene,Nagoya; Japanpoetic tree; Japanvillage, Japan Mt. Tateyama, Japan hiking; Japanhumor hiking; Japananother paradise; Japan Nagoya Airport; Japanvillage people; JapanGassho-zukuri, Ogimachi Village; Japanfix myself wooden houses; St. Petersburg innocent smile summer walking; St. Petersburg Moscow; Russialove hurts moon in the sky; Moscow, Russia dead wood Egyptian statue; St. Petersburgchurch; St. Petersburgcountry museum; St. Petersburg  Peter 1 of Russiagirl with camera Q swimmingSt. Petersburg; RussiaSwan Lake, the balletblue & whiteRussian folk dance; St. Peterburg wooden house; St. Petersburg, Russiasad eyesa hard-working photographer; St. Petersburg, Russia mosaic floor in the State Hermitage Museum; St. Petersburg, Russiacool down; St. Petersburg, RussiaPSB!  PSB!  ecstasy bricks of ancient building; St. Petersburg, Russia "Return of Prodigal Son"; St. Petersburg, RussiaRed Square; Moscow, RussiaHistorical Museum-2; Moscow, RussiaHistorical Museum-1; Moscow, Russiainnocence; St. Petersburg, Russia summer in St. Petersburg; Russia a soldier fishingsummer dreamSuzdal, Russiaa woman in the sun; St. Petersburg, Russia men in summer; St. Petersburg, Russiaa girl in summer; St. Petersburg,  Russiagolden onions; Moscow, RussiaCommunism or Capitalism; RussiaGolden Gate; Russiafootball feverGo West; Red Square, Russia Moscow subwayfirst impression of Russia awaya girl at the parklife my weekend placeQ's graduation day-4Q's graduation day-3Q's graduation day-2Q's graduation day-1rice field pre-graduaton party Q and teacher D best student award almost done walking in the airphotogrpahing  Dragon Boat Race-2Dragon Boat Race-1Dragon Boat Festival  tranquiltythe call of the sea lake in the morningsoftChimneystreeschoolgirlsa boy's portrait reflection in chaos  Medusa Head missing NZ memories at Lake LouiseTrinity CollegeNTU experimental farm portraitruins in Myra, Turkeyclimbing highthe shadow bringing me to lifethe forgotten doora gray weekwall paintingshining starfocushidden beautyIstanbul airlife circleunder construction-2under construction-1hard to say goodbyeLeicatrue face bakerybirds of a feather flock together waiting Mother's Dayabandoned houseEphesusout of focusblack and whiteplaying "Mahjong"another new-home-to-beIstanbul eveningspice shopwaitingsort of James Deanlife drifting awaystruggle, struggletranquilitythe momentthe hardest decision to makeNancy's daughteron the roadcarpet storethe taste of simplicitya Turkish familymother and sonsoldierballonsTopkapi Palace Museum visiting a tiny island; Turkeystoryviagra market seeing the lightsilent beachHappy Children's Day!last supperpottery maker blue mosque"photos, photos"a closed marketon a tiny island the fishermen and the seasmileschatting one place, two worldson breakthe rocksharing a close-up of EphesusEphesusmy girl shoeshinerinside the mosque cave house-3cave house-2cave house-1congratulations, Q!Pamukkale-2Pamukkalefather and sonlife on boatlo-veBlue Mosquethinking lone treebrother beertheaterthe farmerbeachdoorshappy birthday to Qfoggy morningbeing arrestedsoldiersboating The Library of Celsus-3, Ephesus; TurkeyThe Library of Celsus-2, Ephesus; TurkeyThe Library of Celsus-1, Ephesus; TurkeyIslamic womanice cream manin love with TurkeyFairy Chimneys, Cappadocia; Turkeyrocks, Cappadocia; Turkeyvalentinesthe baker"the year of the cat" grocery storeBalloning, Cappadocia; Turkey Cappadocia, TurkeyTurkish manSafranbolu, TurkeyQ with Turkish kidsSafranbolu, TurkeyBeijing Roast Duckunusualflying awaywindmillstime for red envelopes being interviewed watching Good Luck; 福reflection went fishing long and winding road an unforgettable chapellakesidelast yearLondon street shan bu; 善簿crazy winter breakpoetic England fantasyMacanna a lodgean unforgettable doggy nightstreet musicianforgotten memoriestest of a new lensEngland waiting Who wouldn't feel cold?happy togethersunshine bubbleevening skyin search of beautyflyingsheepdogpasserbysbelated b-day surpriseSherlock Holmes breakthrough farewell 2009love dark and light a restburning skybeach boythe spirit of Christmas Christmas timeMayflowerback homefood palacea handy picturetravelling down memory land funny QChurch of Good Shepherd moodyFox Glacier trip campus cornerdream of rejuvenation licenced husband creche rush; 匆匆Christchurch with or without youthe meanings of lifesummerWesthaven Marinamisty woodsTurkish girl the life pathat the  top of the hillFox GlacierGerman morningRoman style washroom early morning in Nurnbergceilingstreet in late eveningwinter Edinburghentrance If Mum says no, ask Dad...silent  dialogue farmer at workup at the hillromance"I wandered lonely as a cloud"hundred faceswaiting BMW MuseumShakespeare BookshopChester6-year-oldparadise foundbaseball dream, shattered dreamartistthe studyinside the windowwhy curve linesChesterdecaycity of sails being intoxicated once Cotswolds  backstreet a street musician and his guide dogreadingmarketGyeongbokgung Palace Guards Buckinham Palace GuardsCastle Guardsdoors and windowsself-quarantined Earnslaw SteamshipanniversaryEngland country roadfocustreesQ on baseball teamreading enjoymentUp & Awaycity taxibleakvending machineNo one is indispensable? still lifemaking straw shoesstreet flower street lifecurious girlbarna hard decision to make an interesting encounter Korean palace QKorean architectureHeidelberg nice being a womanglobalization vs protectionism free wififlying in the darkthe path toward unificationseparated familiesa view of North KoreaGyeongbok Palace; 景福宮公仔time of our life Gyeongbok Palace; 景福宮Seoul streetsummer afternoonKorean kitchenSeoul PoliceSherry in Korean dressthings change over time; Koreahorse tailsfisherman's wifelocked Chinese Valentine's Daysummer vacationsea of love memoriesC'est la vie the lane less takenaboriginal musicgrowing up as you like itbridge over troubled water sympathy & empathy Let's keep praying for them! blessing the land pray for them tea warehouse; 茶舍 Q on revengehouse on the farmlonging for liberationwall painting faithwalking on the cloudsscalecarpe diemchurchMain River, Germanysilence MRT Station, Kaohsiungthe 2009 World Games historynewspapersstoryGerman countrytimeQWarriorsbenchmarkgirls' talkin Zugspitzemy typeunder the castle the world is flat being forgottensmilepark summer breezethe most unforgettable kidsZugspitze; top of Germany Augustusburg PalaceHeidelbergat NurnbergImperial Castlegirlvisiting BMW Museumkidsfun dialogueBeer, beer everywhereBambergat Wurzburgawaythicker than the water, thinner than the windthe hallmissing LondonSubwaybeach boybelated happinesswhat?memory of Londonmemory of NZstill England memory of England chairsromancewaitingold housea street corner easy liferental station harvestRay & Quentin childhood memories; old housememory of Spainjumping QTarokobeach in the sunsetlife cycleson & sunbrewerya view from the peak of a mountainlotus journeya flower hiding under laddersQ feeding the lambQ making a paper fanforever; 天長地久the misty woodsred lion in a temple heartjumpa very touching dayrestold housewhite summerfire; UKtickets to Ennio Morricone's concertflying over Dubai hope, aspiration and loyalty; NZ the road to Cambridge; UKQueenstown;NZEdinburgh; UKCotswolds; UKcalla lily; time after timesound of musicNelson; NZKing Bladud's Pig; UK"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud"the British Museum; UKAuckland City Museum; NZstreet scene; NZ the smiling onearchitectures; Spaincambridge; UKYorkshire; UKuncommon; NZpiling upthe lord of the rings; NZ mysterious a woman's touch; NZmade for loving you; NZan unforgettable building; UKhorseDeparturesthe blessed house; NZThe LambDon Quixote & Sancho Panza; Spainfriends; Spainseashoreto be or not to bethai cuisine; NZpurity; NZdistance; Cambridge, UKdangerous coast; NZExCel London; UKrestfruit town; NZtranquility; NZchurch in Christchurch; NZabandoned roses on the beachthe long and winding road; NZ Q and the seaRay's birthday, a very special day today!  the call of the sealet's start from here I'm No. 1calligraphyhot air balloon; NZfun; NZfly away; NZfather and daughter; NZtaste of happiness; NZeye candy; NZspringsinger; NZshepherdmeditation; NZevening; NZsome peaceful moments;  NZacrobaticsrustysomewhere out therein Korean airportchess; NZ-54Happy Birthday, Q; NZ-53deer; NZ-52Davella; NZ-51bridge; NZ-50Jasmine; NZ-49story of Professor Chen; NZ-48close to heaven; NZ-47a family; NZ-46feeling heavy; NZ-45excuse my French; NZ-44Tekapo town; NZ-43my little photographer; NZ-42Davella's House; NZ-41sunset at Tekapo town; NZ-40on the flight; NZ-39solitude; NZ-38Valentines; NZ-37Fox Glacier; NZ-36Church of the Good Shepherd; NZ-35ChristChurch Cathedral; NZ-34picking stars; NZ-33intoxicated; NZ-32eye candy, Nelson; NZ-31being; NZ-30a song for me, Christchurch; NZ-29sunrise at Lake Tekapo; NZ-28Lake Tekapo; NZ-27jump-3, Queenstown; NZ-26jump-2, Nelson; NZ-25jump-1, Auckland; NZ-24at French Pass, Nelson; NZ-22good-bye NZ; NZ-21a breathtaking trip; NZ-20time to remember, Nelson; NZ-19Roman style toilets, Wanaka-1; NZ-18Puzzling World, Wanaka-2; NZ-17the B&B, Queenstown; NZ-the B&B, Queenstown; NZ-silent retreat-2, Queenstown; NZ-16sheep, Nelson; NZ-14sheep, Nelson, NZ-13Glacier walk-7; NZ-17Glacier walk-6; NZ-16Glacier walk-5; NZ-15Glacier walk-4; NZ-14Glacier walk-3; NZ-13Glacier walk-2, NZ-12Glacier walk-1, NZ-11beach boys, Nelson; NZ-10on the way to French Pass, Nelson; NZseagulls, Nelson; NZhappiness, Nelson; NZ-9leisure time, Auckland; NZ-8jogging, Auckland; NZ-7City of  Sails, Auckland; NZ-6City of Sails, Auckland; NZ-5bus driver/cashier; NZ-4City of Sails; NZ-3slower pace; NZ-2PWC; NZ-1semester endlunar new year coupletsbikesmemory of SpainDr. Mackay's clinic  (1882) our new family memberssunseta coupleSunday eveningStratford, England in the mountainsprayersmy best friendsWoodyQ & mean easy afternoon yummyNew Year's Dayend of 2008an old man's dogmy flamingo priorityjust black and white 4 friends at the zooour favorite restaurantflamingothe young ones the mallshow offmemories in mist; Czech"amazing grace" the taste of happinesswinter stream "Castles in the Air" lily on the pondmeditationwinter stepshot spring valleypersimmons an unfriendly dog "me and you and  a dog named Boo"city in the dawn Taipei city in the mistrice fieldfly awayricestanding on the globe Roman Baths Museum, Bath; England alone; England  "as you like it"; Englandpure delight memory of fallcactus silent hall teletubbies; flour miniaturegood friendschildhood memoryWhere have all the flowers gone? doglegdialogueat the top of the mountainawardsSpeedlight street artistdining table boathouse; Canada Edinburgh, Scotland  the thinkerwind flowerscarecrows  listen to our voice, Mr. President!  the winner takes it allcouch"The Devil Wears Prada"sentimental season; Canada first try of Nikon D90The Falkirk Wheel; Scotland harvest seasonpizza timeforgotten memories ease; EnglandMITold houses' reflectionthe farmer's hatpersimmons Harvard House Museum abandoned summerchurch; Spainchurch; England the doorlate 70s; Englandafter schoolcamera streetwallrain heartnational dayautumn sunsetQcampus cornerQwhite relaxingredoutside the windowWhen life gives you a lemon...a jar"This Is Your Podium"Teachers' Day, typhoon daypeaceabandonedescapememoriesa couplefrom Venusfrom Mars Bath, Englandstreet artist; Barcelona, Spainsing for life; Bath, Englandsing; Alhambra, SpainA View of  River Thames; EnglandThree Brothers Noodles Mill-2; Penghu Islands, TaiwanThree Brothers Noodles Mill-1; Penghu Islands, Taiwanhope and faithone-day beauty; Hualien, Taiwantry to remember; Hualien, Taiwancurious cat; Penghu Islands, Taiwansummer end; Penghu Islands, TaiwanAmis Girl; Hualien, Taiwanan unforgettable evening: Penghu, Taiwantrain; Hualien, Taiwanalone with the sea; Penghu Islands, Taiwancarefree; Penghu Islands, TaiwanFront Yard; Penghu Islands, Taiwanthe door out of summer; Penghu Islands, TaiwanTaroko Gorge; Hualien, TaiwanDaylily trip-6; Hualien, TaiwanDaylily trip-5; Hualien, TaiwanDaylily trip-4; Hualien, TaiwanDancing in the Pacific Ocean; Penghu Islands, TaiwanFarmer's Kids; Hualien, TaiwanDaylily Mountain Trip-2; Hualien, TaiwanDaylily Mountain Trip-1; Hualien, TaiwanTwin Hearts Stone Weir;  Penghu Islands, Taiwancliff walk; Penghu Islands, Taiwanfishing; Penghu Islands, Taiwanspeechless; Penghu Islands, Taiwansurfing; Penghu Islands, Taiwanthe inviting beach ; Penghu Islands, Taiwanrelax; Penghu Islands, TaiwanColumbia Icefield; CanadaThe British Museum; England soap seller; National Art Center culinary artlife journey; heartwatermelonCulinary ContestQturn back the clock; Cotswold, Englandfaithful friendsail away; Windermere-3, Englandsummer breezemeditation; trip to Art Centerwaterfallseats; Yorkshire, EnglandPark Guell; Spainlight dancing-2; Cambridge, England light dancing-1; Cambridge, Englandunconditional love; Cambridge, England thicker than water"Red Cliff" afternoondetail of a rocksummer breeze; bare treeattachment; Windermere, EnglandLake Windermere-3, England breathing Reach for the Sky; London-6, England used books; Cambridge, England Quiz Night; Stratford-4, Englandentrance; Stratford-3, Englandpartner; Cambridge-4, England Roman Baths; Bath-2, England reflection; Leeds-1, Englandtruth; Edinburgh-4, Scotland into the future; Windermere, England Big Ben; London-5, England closer; Edinburgh-3, Scotland lost in time and light; London-4, England capital of the world; London-3, EnglandStratford-2; England Stratford-1; EnglandEdinburgh-2; ScotlandEdinburgh-1; ScotlandMotoring Museum-3; Cotswold, England Motoring Museum-2; Cotswold, England Motoring  Museum-2; Cotswold, England Lake Windermere-2, Englandshadow dancing; Bath-1, Englandlove; London-2, England soul mate; EnglandGoing to Hogwarts School-3; EnglandGoing to Hogwarts School-2; EnglandGoing to Hogwarts School-1; England River Thamesway outCambridge, England Stonehenge, EnglandCambridge Girlat Buckingham Palace Trinity at Cambridge, EnglandLake Windermere-1, England Last Night; London-1, England along the coastfishingseashore; workQueen's Head; the rockrecycled?roof of a templetiny volcanosearching, selecting and recruitingspiderBuddhabusy beachearly birdbeyondET's Homestone; beliefbikes; back to simplicity廟會; temple festival-4廟會; temple festival-3廟會; temple festival-2廟會; temple festival-1beach; Dragon Boat Festivalbridge in the rainy eveningmangoEarth of Volcano; flying to the moonease dragonlooseMisty Mountains-3Misty Mountains-2Misty Mountiains-1crowded Cathedral, SpainsashimifellowscanoerestFlying High dropsfallen flowers-2; gone with windfallen flowers-1; 油桐花life; gain and lossburning beachforgotten language Hope Lotus LeafThe Lins' Old House-5The Lins' Old House-4The Lins' Old House-3The Lins' Old House-2The Lins' Old House -1final countdownAbudahbi Airport Lake Louise the doors tranquilityreflectionsDancing on the BeachcutiesEmerald Lakethe townWho is taking the picture?cat familysubwayRocky Mountain High  rice strawmillbefore the typhoondecay; recession- inflationThe Bootleg Beatles golden ageswanSagrada Família-4Sagrada Família-3Sagrada Família-2Sagrada Família -1 college buildingdawn Ladder to HeavenThe Lone Trail LondonNetthe road of lifeReal Church, Madrid Luce Memorial Chapel raft Mountains; 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臉譜the call of Europetime passagesthe call of EuropeVictoria BC Parliament BuildingsDihua Street Market, 迪化街escape"Players Wanted"- Gambling, CautionNTULions Gate Bridge missing the sunshineLake Louise, CanadaTCMa comparison with the previous post first shot of my new Canonvisiting Natioanl Palace MuseumElection Day - Blue vs. Greenstudents' painting exhibitionOsaka, Japanlost and won't be foundTaipei Martyrs Shrine questionsTaipei Martyrs Shrine solitudethinking a hard jobtransformationfarewell 2007street scene Victoria Peak, HKPeninsula Hotel, 半島酒店meeting your idol bridges in HK Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Non-Silent Night in Hong Kong Merry ChristmasRice Dumplings, 冬至Merry Christmas fishermanstudents' outdoor concert (in the rain)seashoreQueen's Head Rockiesreading funtrue lovecozypiano timebathingbrookAnti-traditional valuesfocusHer wayour cornerold street childhood happinesshiking bridge of the skystone in my heartsunset at the seamartial artevening beachracesingSports Day of Q's schoolthe innocent &  the wildbridgemist canoesalonecampus  kids are the worldpraychurch in Czechcloudsretrieving  memoriesVienna churchevening scene of the cityorder rockiesmountains on the seaHe thinks therefore he is! monster in campuscolorful feathersa view of  Vancouverskieswhite dreamsky before typhoonflyingSunday afternoon tea timelife is beautifulnight scene in Czechmemory of blue & whiteThe Unbearable Lightness of Beinggolden ageautumn sunsettempleautumn beachsummer beachswanshumble pridecamera manoutside the windowsilent hallcivilized cityBrnoJapanese templelotus seed National Daydialoguemy wayCzech RepublicdreaminvitingdistanceWaldenSeeing the windQ in Ayutthaya; 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